has been snowboarding since she was 10 years old and a professional Big Mountain Snowboarder since 2011. In that time, she has traveled the world in search of the next Big Mountain snowboarding adventure.


Working with Nepal's first generation of female mountain guides, Halina and a team of athletes will pursue a life long dream to snowboard in the Himalaya.


“BĀṬŌ” (Nepali for “women’s path”) is a story exploring the women’s empowerment movement of Nepal in its first generation of professional female mountain guides. As they guide our rider into the region to snowboard Annapurna. We will explore how the Himalaya have shaped the people who occupy them and how these modern cultural shifts are changing the face of Nepal.

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Bato: The film

Through the eyes of the first generation of Nepali Female Mountain Guides, Halina explores the women's empowerment movement of Nepal, as she chases her lifelong dream of riding the biggest mountains on Earth, the Himalaya.



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